La Bella y La Bestia and The Wizard of Oz Reading Activities for Dual Language Learners

Image of activities for La Bella y La Bestia and The Wizard of Oz.

La Bella y La Bestia and The Wizard of Oz Reading Activities for Dual Language Learners

Lotta Lara is a fun and effective reading strategy for Dual Language Learners that promotes reading fluency, reading comprehension and oracy in both Spanish and English.  In this post, I am going to share an amazing resource that uses the Lotta Lara strategy!

La Bella y La Bestia and The Wizard of Oz are two stories in this resource that uses the Lotta Lara strategy promoting reading fluency, comprehension and oracy in Spanish and English.  The resource also promotes vocabulary and phrases, and story elements: plot (beginning, middle and end sequencing), setting and characters.  Both of the stories are included in the resource in a widescreen PowerPoint presentation as well as in a PDF that you can print if you wish.

What is Lotta Lara?

Lotta Lara is a reading strategy from Literacy Squared® that uses questions and answers to promote reading fluency, comprehension and bilingual oracy!  I have used this method many times in my Dual Language K-1 class, and I know it is engaging and a lot of fun.  That's why I want to share this with you in this post!  

The way it works is kids read, or you do a read-aloud, and then readers go thru a series of slides with questions with answer stems.  This sort of scaffold for Language Learners helps them so that they can read and speak with much more ease and fluency.  

What is included in this Resource of Reading Activities for Dual Language Learners?

When you download, you will receive 1 PDF with all of your resources in one place, including your 'Print-and-Go' black and white activity sheets.  Plus you will receive a wide screen PowerPoint presentation with the stories and the Lotta Lara strategy.  You will also receive a bonus Spanish reading PowerPoint.

How do I use Reading Activities for Dual Language Learners?

This resource is intended for you to plug into your reading routine.   You will have La Bella y La Bestia completely in Spanish, and you will have The Wizard of Oz all in English as your English Extension.  Use these reading passages during your reading block in Spanish, use them for centers, or even as a whole group activity.  You can use the English Extension for ESL because once you have gone through the Spanish activities with the class, they will now know how to do the English Extension.

Image of iPads with La Bella y La Bestia and The Wizard of Oz reading passages.
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Step 1:  
Read the story. You have 3 different ways to do this.  You can upload the widescreen presentation to 1) your projection system, 2) and/or student iPads or 3) print up the stories on 8.5 x 11 paper.  Read as a whole group to introduce the passage, then allow kids to read with a partner, and then independently.
Image of iPads with Lotta Lara reading strategy for Dual Language Learners.
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Step 2: 
Go through the Lotta Lara strategy.  After the reading is done, all you need to do is project the question slide, then students think about an answer and attempt to answer the question.  Go to the next slide and you will see the answer with the question in very light print so that the question is still visible to students.  Introduce this strategy to the whole group, then let students work in partners, and then you can be sure they will know how to carry on with this strategy independently!
Step 3: Discuss story as needed.  This is a step that is completely up to the teacher as to how you want to complete it.  I recommend a discussion at some point so that the story details become more concrete to the students.
Image of print-and-go activity sheets for Dual Language Learners.

Step 4:
Use the Print-and-Go Activity Sheets.  These sheets are fun and engaging for the kids, and perfect for individual or partner work, or small group intervention or introduction of the skills.

Because sequencing is very important in the K-1 years, I have included a super fun, extra activity all about sequencing.  But the sequencing is all about how to make ice-cream!  I also have included a video right in the resource for this so that you can show the kids how easy and delicious it is to follow directions!  Click below to check out the video!

In conclusion, this resource will help your class with reading comprehension in both languages!  

Included in the resource are both stories, one in Spanish, the other in English, Lotta Lara reading strategy, and plenty of engaging print-and-go activities so that you can reinforce student learning.

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