Classroom Decor: Top Tips to Know for Attractive Bilingual Classroom Setup

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Transform your Bilingual or Dual Language Classroom with this vibrant picnic-themed decor set that is color-coded for Spanish and English:  Perfect for your back to school experience!

Classroom Decor: Top Tips to Know For Attractive Bilingual Classrooms.

As Dual Language and Bilingual teachers, we face the challenge of creating a welcoming and organized classroom environment that supports bilingual development, or biliteracy.  Finding the perfect classroom decor that is both functional and visually appealing can be really hard because you are catering to both Spanish and English learners.

This is exactly why I created my Gingham-Themed Dual Language Decor Set--with a picnic flair!  You can seamlessly color-code your classroom so that you can enhance biliteracy.  With resources that are color coded, like schedules, job charts, alphabet and number posters, and even some editable materials, you will be able to create a cohesive and supportive learning environment that will make language learning fun and accessible for all your students.

From a 'Hand-Me-Down' Room To a Well Organized, Beautiful Classroom

It's true.  When I got back into public school teaching, I had nothing.  We had just moved from Venezuela back to Chicago, and I literally came back with 2 suitcases, one full of my books and the other one with some clothes.  I didn't have the money to spend on my classroom to buy what I would have liked, so I had to do with whatever I could find.

But that doesn't have to be your case!  You can organize beautifully with this resource because it is your all in one red and white gingham theme.  You will have labels to make your room look amazing, plus the environment will look cohesive because your print will be color-code for Spanish and English.

So what are those 10 tips every teacher needs to know so that she can have an attractive bilingual classroom setup?

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Tip #1: Color-Code Your Dual Classroom

The best color coding system that I have found is green for Spanish and blue for English.  Be sure to use this color-coding system throughout your classroom to create a visually consistent, language friendly and, of course, print-rich environment.  If you use this color coding system, then you will be helping your kiddos distinguish between the 2 languages.  This supports their biliteracy development by default!  WIN-WIN!

Tip #2:  Create a Welcoming Environment

When you use these cute,  gingham ABC and number posters, your room will automatically brighten up, PLUS you will reinforce literacy and numeracy in both languages.  Your room will look cohesive and organized because everything on your walls will be coded and red and white-theme related.


Tip #3:  Organize Open House Materials

Organize what you want to say to parents by writing it up in a PowerPoint presentation.  This one is visually coordinated with the red and white gingham theme and it is editable for your convenience.   


Tip #4:  Welcome Your Students With a Little Surprise

Kids love a little welcome surprise from their teacher on the first day of school, and parents love to see the love as well!  Welcome your kiddos with a Smarties surprise on their way home on the first day of school by taping a pack of Smarties to the card as shown here!


Tip #5:  Implement a Rewards System

Use the Classroom Rewards System included in this resource to motivate and encourage positive behavior.  Reward the good behavior, and keep it coming with the star punch-cards and non-matierial rewards system.  Send home a certificate to encourage parents as well!!

You can easily display/store your system by either putting it up as a bulletin board all its own, or simply create a binder, and make copies of the 3 certificate-rewards, and place them in sheet protectors.  Once a student earns their 10 punched stars from their punch card, then send home the certificate so that you can keep the communication going strong with the parents.

Tip #6:  Communicate Effectively with Parents

Not only will the rewards system help you to communicate with your parents effectively, but the editable teacher newsletter will be useful to inform parents about classroom activities, events, and important updates.  

Tip #7:  Track Reading Minutes

Encourage biliteracy with the bilingual reading log that is included.  Use the log as a weekly grade if you wish.


Tip #8:  Celebrate Birthdays

Decorate your classroom with the bilingual color-coded birthday cakes.  You will receive one cake for each month of the year.  Send home the candles on card stock so that the kids can decorate their birthday candle and parents assist with the date of birth.  Then put their candle on the corresponding cake!  Never miss a birthday again!!



Tip #9:  Organize Your Daily Schedule and Classroom Jobs

Use the bilingual, color-coded schedule and 'classroom helpers' charts to clearly outline daily routines and responsibilities.  Use a wooden clothes pin with students' names to show their job for the week.  This will make your room more cohesive and organized because kids will know where to look so that they know what is next on their schedule.  



Tip #10:  Organize Classroom Materials and Classroom Manipulatives.  

Finally, and this is my absolute favorite, make good use of the classroom organization labels for your classroom materials and math manipulatives.  You will receive 3 labels for each item so that you can place a label on the front and back of the bin, PLUS a label in the actual cubby.  This way, when kids clean up, it won't matter which way they place the bin, and they know exactly which cubby to put the bin into.

Find Your Bilingual Classroom Decor Resource
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Transform Your Bilingual Classroom with Our Red and White GinghamThemed Decor Set

Creating an organized and engaging classroom environment is essential for the success of bilingual and dual language programs.  Our picnic-themed decor set offers a comprehensive solution that not only enhances the visual aspect of you classroom but also supports biliteracy.  With color-coded materials and bilingual resources for your walls, you can effortlessly foster a supportive learning atmosphere for you students.  Invest in this decor set, and experience the difference it makes in your bilingual classroom setup.

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