Your Dual Classroom: A Site Dedicated to Supporting the Dual Language Classrooms

Your Dual Classroom offers resources and tips for parents and teachers of bilingual learners. This post introduces the new website.

Welcome to Your Dual Classroom! 

Do you need a place where you can learn about language acquisition?  How about teaching your kids Spanish?? Even if you don't speak Spanish yet?  

Spanish English Dictionary-Spanish Just in Time!

Are you an ESL teacher? Or are you a bilingual teacher looking for simple, ready-to-use-today-resources? 

Sonidos Iniciales: Bingo

If I have described some of your thoughts, then join me on my adventure!

This is a growing place of support for parents and teachers looking to help their kids with language acquisition in Spanish and English leading to biliteracy! I help parents and teachers on their journey of teaching language to children. 

 You will find posts about how to use some of my resources to help your kids develop vocabulary as the basis of language acquisition.  Plus I will share some amazing secrets for parents and teachers of second language learners, or kids learning Spanish or English!!

So if you're a teacher in a bilingual or dual language classroom, or a parent wanting to help your kiddos learn Spanish, then join me in the fun!  

Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for resources right away!  Or stick around for more fun!!

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