Year Round Spanish Directed Drawings

Dibujo Dirigido - Directed Drawing in Spanish
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What is a directed drawing for kids anyway?  And what can a 5-year old draw?  Well, a 5-year old can draw nicely with the proper directions!  In this post I will show you how young kids can have fun drawing, and at the same time show you that they are learning how to follow directions, and they are fine-tuning their fine motor skills.  As a bonus, you will see how they can even decode a mystery sentence....All in Spanish!

Directed Drawings helps kids to follow directions, fine tune their fine motor skills, and feel a sense of pride in their success!

Following Directions with Directed Drawings in Spanish
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Directed drawings are a simple, and fun set of pictured directions on paper that young kids can easily follow so that they can produce a pretty cool picture on their own.  This set has transition words that kids are learning, or soon will be learning!  Kiddos can trace the words, and then they can draw that step.  Once that is done, then they can trace the next word, and draw that step until they finish the project.

1.  Directed Drawing helps kids (even 5-year olds) learn to follow directions and work independently.

Following directions does not have to be complicated, nor does your kindergartener need to be an accomplished reader to follow 'written' directions.  Younger kids need the chance to work on their own as they read pictures that will guide them as they draw a simple picture.  In this case, the pictures show the young kiddos how to draw, plus the transition words help them with the next step.

2.  Directed Drawing not only fine tunes skills for following directions, but it also pin-points fine motor skills.
Directed Drawings in Spanish helping kids with fine motor skills.
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As kids are engaged in following directions--on their own-- they are also by default practicing their fine-motor skills.  Drawing the step-by-step simple pictures is quite an enormous fine-motor event in itself, but kids will usually want to color their product.  Coloring can be very productive when used in the right context.

For example, when you and your kids need a break from the routine, coloring is perfect.  Not only does coloring give everyone a break, but it is also a fine skill to practice at stations, or centers.  If you have kids who need more practice with fine motor skills, then try the coloring piece for an after-school break!

3.  The end result:  Success and a sense of pride for the kiddos!

What is better than giving your kids (and you!) a break?  But with this break comes that skill-practicing moment for fine-motor, following directions, and working independently.  (Of course, you can set up this activity as a cooperative activity too, so that kids can help each other out.)

I always love seeing the look of accomplishment, and even excitement in the faces of my kids as they amaze themselves with their own ability to focus, follow directions on their own, and make a really nice picture.

4.  Ahhhhhh, the bonus!  
Spanish Directed Drawings with Differentiated levels of writing.
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This set of directed drawings is so cool because it is differentiated, and it includes writing! Actually, it includes differentiated writing sheets!!   I always love to integrate writing for my kids no matter what the activity.  This is that perfect example of having fun, plus writing.

The first way that writing is infused in this activity is that kids will describe what their final product looks like.  You will have the choice of sheets with a word bank to help them out as they write and describe their drawings, or for higher level writers, there is more space to write without the word bank.  

The second way kids are writing is when they crack the code and write sentences that are related to the picture and the season that the picture belongs to.
Spanish Directed Drawings Plus Crack the Code Sentences
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In conclusion,

Directed drawings are great for kids of all ages, and this resource is geared toward Kinder and First Grade.  Directed Drawings help kiddos feel great about themselves because they see their own success right away.  If you want to help your kids follow directions or work independently, then this is your ticket!!  This is a great resource to use in centers, and even as a whole-group break.

I hope you can check out this Spanish Year-Round Directed Drawing resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and make use of it in your classroom!  

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Happy teaching!

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