Pirate-Themed Decor for Dual Language and Bilingual Classrooms

Have you ever wanted to just switch up your classroom decor?  Is there bilingual classroom decor for a Pirate Theme?  What about job and schedule charts?  Where can I find a calendar for my pocket chart that will cover special holidays?

Theses are all great questions!  In this post I will cover what you will receive when you download this amazing Pirate-Themed Classroom Decor set for Your Dual Classroom.

Pirate-Themed Decor for your Dual Language / Bilingual Classroom

Pirate-Themed Decor for Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms
This set has 4 main components, and I will explain them in this post.  But first, I want to tell you about the amazing bonuses you will get when you download the bundle!  Plus, when you download the bundle, you will save time and money with an automatic 20% off that I always offer with my bundles.  To check out that bundle click here!

1- First of all, you will receive the all important-no-one-can-do-without EDITABLE  newsletter templates!  I love these, and use them all the time.  They are super cute and easy to use.  
Editable Pirate-Themed Classroom Newsletters

2- Secondly, you will receive editable name writing cards that match your Pirate Theme so that your students can practice writing their names during your morning work!
Editable name writing cards Pirate Theme


Pirate-Themed Editable Math and Alphabet Spanish-English Posters

Bilingual Pirate-Themed Alphabet and Number Posters
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So the English ABC posters are on a Pirate Treasure Map background with the letter, and image and the printed word to go with it.  These are printed on 8.5 x 11 for the classroom wall.

Spanish letters are on a Pirate Gem (Ruby) with the letter, an image and the printed word as well.  These images and words correlate well with sonidos iniciales.  These posters print up as 11 x 8.5 in the 'landscape' mode.  Once you have printed them (and laminated them as usual) cut them in half.  I found this super useful and space saving as there are more letters and sounds in Spanish as there are in English.

Pirate-Themed Editable Bilingual Classroom Calendar and Weather Charts

Pirate-Themed Bilingual Pocket Chart Calendar
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This pocket chart calendar is super versatile and useful during calendar time.  Not only do you have a pocket chart calendar, but you have graphics to create charts and graphs that you want for your classroom weather tracking.

As you can see in the image, you can print the days of the week on white paper and use them as the 'back drop' for the dates.  Aside from this, you will have the days of the week and the months of the year in Spanish and in English.  

You will have cards that you can edit for any word that you need to add to your calendar.  

Pirate-Themed Editable Bilingual Classroom and Library Labels

Pirate-Themed Bilingual Classroom Labels
Click here for the link to the Classroom Labels!

Of all the sets, this is by far my favorite one!  I totally love it because it is so practical and fast to organize your room using these labels.  You will have 3 of each label.  The reason for this is that you will be able to attach a label in the front and back of the storage bin, and then one on the shelf or cubby. 

This will work wonders when the kids are cleaning up and need to put things back.  By default the bin will show its label (because you attached a label on each side),  and the students will know where to put the bin because the labels will all match bin-to-shelf!  Yay!!  I so love that!

The amazing thing is that you have separate labels for your Spanish library that match your English library labels.  They are color-coded green for Spanish and blue for English.

Pirate-Themed Editable Classroom Jobs and Schedule Charts

Pirate-Themed Bilingual Classroom Job and Schedule Charts
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These charts work well once you print and laminate, then cut and connect them with a Pirate-y rope, or just use rings as I did in the picture.  You will have quite a lot of jobs to choose from plus the schedule cards cover a huge array of options.

The job images are on a green pirate map background, and the schedule images are on treasure chests.  You will have an image on one treasure chest, and beside it you will have an analogue clock.  Once you laminate everything, then you can use a dry-erase marker to show the times on the clocks.

In Conclusion,

This bundle is totally practical and will not only help you to get organized in the classroom, but it will also give you tons of editable options to create your own cards.  You have as an extra, 300 sight words for a word wall, for a center or for any other option that you need to use it for.

Happy Classroom setting up!!

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