Fine Motor Skills for Kindergarten using Language and Math

Bilingual Fine Motor Skills in Kindergarten and First Grade
Are you getting ready to set up your classroom?  What centers will you use in your classroom?  In this post I am going to show you some super easy, Bilingual centers that you can start to use right away, and keep using all year!

Boost Fine-Motor Through Language and Math Skills:  A Must-Have Bundle of Centers for Bilingual and Dual Language Teachers

All Teachers need to have their centers ready for the start of the year so that those routines can continue throughout the year.  This will make your life at work so much more efficient!  Bilingual and Dual Language materials have historically been a bit more challenging to find though, right?

Well, here I will show you what I have used for years as a Dual/Bilingual K-1 teacher.

This Bilingual Bundle of 6 centers is a life-saver!!  I use these centers all year, and my kids love them.  Aside from getting the fine motor practice, kids are getting math and literacy skills going in both Spanish and English.   

To prep these centers, print them up, and laminate them.  Have your favorite dry-erase markers and erasers available for your kids to use.  Once you set the centers up, and students have used them, you will need to clean them well and store them for later.  These will come in handy latter in the year, or just next year.  Clean them well with a dry-erase solution, or use your favorite cleaner to wipe them down and store them!

Engaging Hands-On Activities and Centers for Your Dual and Bilingual Classroom: Exploring Sounds Through Pattern Blocks, Pinning and Dot-to-Dot

This center is shown in English, and you can find the exact one in Spanish if you click here.    

This center, in particular, is great for kids who have a vocabulary base in the language of instruction (English or Spanish), but they need practice with the initial sounds. 

Once they construct the letter with pattern blocks, they can look at the images and circle the ones that have the corresponding beginning sound so that they can get that practice in, PLUS have fun!!

Also, if you are building vocabulary with your class, then go ahead and use this one because you have tons of images in these centers.  

ABC Pattern Blocks Fine Motor and Literacy K-1 Skills
Click Here for the Link!

Pinning and Dot-to-Dot are so engaging for kids.  You can use this set across the seasons in both languages as well.  Click on the image below for the Spanish version shown below.  Click here for the English Version.

You don't have to do any prep for these!  Just print and go!  

You will need to have the area set up for pinning, however.  I never used actual push-pins, for obvious reasons, but I always used wooden or plastic tooth pics with out any issues.  

First the kids pin (or poke) each dot on the first image, and they count as they poke each dot.  They LOVE this!!  This is such a great way to get kids to practice their counting skills.  I LOVE to see and hear them count and pin at the same time.  The engagement is amazing!!

The fine motor comes in so seamlessly as kids grasp the tiny tooth-pick to poke the tiny dots.

Once the kids have counted and poked, then they can do the dot-to-dot activity.  They complete the letter of the initial sound of the image that they just pinned, and then they trace the word below the letter.  

Kids can color once they are done.  I always save the coloring for last, though, and if my kids didn't get to color in class, they could always take it home to color.  For some kids coloring is an important fine motor skill to practice mastering, but many have mastered coloring by kindergarten.  For this reason, I encouraged my kids to do their coloring at home.  

Pinning and Dot-to-Dot in Spanish
Click Here for the link!

Bilingual Dough Mats for Kinder and First Grade

Developing Essential Skills in Your Bilingual and Dual Classroom Using Dough Mats and Pattern Blocks: Mastering Counting and Cardinality PLUS Graphing!

There's nothing quite as fun as Dough in Kindergarten! Rolling dough to form 'snakes' or small balls is such a fun way for young kids to strengthen their fine motor skills so that they are ready for writing.  These dough mats will help your class with both!

The mats are in both Spanish and English, and the numbers are 1-20.  Students look at the number, trace it, then roll out the right number of 'dough balls' to cover the dots in the ten-frames.  

They see the number in written form, they can count the worms in the apple for that number, plus they can count the dots in the 10-frames, and then they can trace the number word.  If you see that they need more practice rolling the dough, then the kids can trace the. number AND roll the dough out to form the number on top of the number that they traced.

Click on the image to go straight to the Spanish resource, or click here for the English version.
Counting and Cardinality Bilingual Fine Motor Centers

 This set is amazing because not only does it have the dough mats for counting and cardinality, but you will also receive pattern blocks so that you can introduce graphing to your class!
Fine Motor and Graphing Bilingual Centers

As you can see in the Spanish version of the resource above, students will trace the number word, construct the number with pattern blocks, then count the different type of block used to construct the number, and write that number next to it's shape on the graph!  

This is such a great way to introduce graphing to your littles!

In conclusion....

Without a doubt these centers will take a load off your mind and to-do list in the fall and throughout the year.  Your kids will easily know how to complete the centers, and you can quickly teach these routines in your Kinder or First Grade room.

Did you know that you can save 20% if you download the bundle?  This option is by far the most practical because you will have Spanish AND English centers covering Literacy AND math right at your fingertips!  You can use these for ESL centers, or for your regular literacy block centers or stations.

Give yourself that well-deserved break and check out these centers so that you can feel ready for your school year because you know that you have these routines set with these centers.

Bilingual Fine Motor Skills Centers Bundle

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